Stone Hinge is:

Lead Guitar/Vocals: Chris McQuillan

Guitar/Vocals: Brad

Bass Guitar/Vocals: Tom

Drums/Vocals: Benny

Stone Hinge is a high energy rock band that covers songs of the 80's, 90's and today and also puts out original songs that will keep you moving throughout the entire show.
The band formed in the spring of 2011, most of the band hails from Steelville, MO. The fourth member is originally from Central New York, but has been on the move since joining the military in 1998. It wasn't long after getting together that these guys started lighting up the local establishments with their amazing shows.
Each of the band members brings their own flavor to the shows. All take the main mic and they mix up lead vocals through the night. This is one band you won't want to miss!



                                     What Are People Saying About Stone Hinge?


Kenny Davis of Divine Chaos- "VERY AWESOME Band!!! These guys have a GREAT sound and are full of energy.... They keep you on the edge of your chair wondering what they are gonna do next.... EXCELLENT songlist!!! *****A MUST HEAR BAND*****!"



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