About Us

Guitar/Vocals: Brad Tarbox

Brad grew up in Central NY. He began playing guitar around the age of 10. Watching both his grandfather and uncle play, he quickly learned the basics. Not able to read music he plays soley by ear. He has been playing/singing for over 20 years. His first few bands played local bowling alleys and other underage friendly venues at the young ages of 15. His first breakout band was with Uncle Jr. back in the early 90's. PLaying many venues in Central New York, and opening for bigger local bands. He joined the United States Air Force at the age of 20. After joining he continued to play with several bands. While stationed in Iceland he joined the group "Missing Stateside." After leaving Iceland he took a break from playing in bands for a while. When he finally moved to Fort Leonard Wood, MO he responded to an ad looking for a guitarist. A week later Stone Hinge was formed. His musical influences started back in the days of "grunge" listening to groups like Nirvana, Pearl Jam and the like, evolving over the years to all styles of music. He now enjoys bands like Breaking Benjamin, Theory of a Deadman, and pretty much anything on Octane radio. He hopes to retire in the area to keep Stone Hinge alive!



Bass Guitar/Vocals: Tom  Brown

 I grew up as an orphan who was abused daily by crack heads, I was adopted by, half jew and afroamerican white power members, who raped me on a daily base's, the only thing that keep me alive was that I knew that someday, somehow I was going... to play music. I was a loner who never made it with the lady's untill the boy's told me something I missed, my next door neighbor had a daughter with a favor and i gave her just a little kiss like this. and the next thing I know I was married to a a half mexican/italian crazy bitch who f&$%^ so good I was on top of it when I dreamed of doing her all night scratches all down my back keep it right on. then I learned to play bass guitar at the age of 25, this is no $h!t, I knew that I would do this for the rest of my life, I have 26 illagentament children from playing on the road God I love being a rock star

Lead Guitar/Vocals: Chris McQuillan

Chris started playing guitar when he was 12 with the guidance of his instructor, John Knox. Chris's grandfather was an accomplished pianist that played in the "Big Bands" in the 1930's through the 1960's and then began giving lessons. Growing up in the 80's, Chris wasn't interested in learning the piano, and his musical inclination directed him to the guitar. After two years of lessons, Chris decided he was ready to learn his own style, with the guidance of his grandfather for techniques that would further his ability. He's played in multiple bands and has forgot more songs than he knows. Stone Hinge has always felt like home to him, jamming with some of the best guys someone could know. Let's see where it goes from here! 










 Drums/Vocals: Benny Frazier

 Benny was born and raised in Detroit. He began playing the drums at the age of 9, playing in church penalcostle. He really began making it his passion when he turned 17 years old. Influenced by Lord Ulrich, and Rikki Rockett, he began playing in local bands. The rough streets of Detroit soon led he and his family to Central Missouri, where he continued playing with local bands. After a short break and poor luck finding the right mix of bandmates he answered an ad on a local web page. Bringing together some good friends and prior bandmates, he brought in Brad to see if they could fill a void. One tryout and one practice later Stone Hinge was born. Benny continues pounding the skins and also takes the microphone for not only backup vocals but also to wail the lead vocals for some of the setlist. Benny brought together not only amazing musicians but what have become great friends as well...Stone Hinge!

















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